About Us

“Where’s a good place to eat around here?”

If you don’t want to miss out on the best local cuisine while traveling, you’ve definitely found yourself asking this question before. Any seasoned traveler knows you’ll find the same restaurants all around the world. It is becoming harder and harder to find and get into good, local places to eat while traveling. That’s where we help.

Travis & Miryea of Plates and Planes


We’re Miryea and Travis, founders of Plates and Planes, and we help you get where you want to go, and eat what you want to eat when you’re there. Through our extensive travels and expanding stomachs we have learned EXACTLY what it takes to travel in style on a budget, and how to get the food you want anywhere in the world.


  • Eating at a Michelin starred restaurant without having to wake up at midnight and call within fifteen seconds to get a reservation.
  • Never having to pay $60 for airport food, but instead getting a massage and enjoying locally curated cuisine while sipping on a glass of champagne in an airport lounge while waiting for your flight, for free.
  • Eating true local cuisines, and being able to recreate it at home to share with your loved ones.

We are here to help you get to your dream destination in style, eat damn good food while you’re there, and reignite those taste-bud memories when you get back home. Our comprehensive guides will show you how to get there, what to do, and what to eat. Then when you’re back home, our recipes will show you how to make the food you loved abroad.

If you’re ready to have a better travel experience and stop missing out on the activities that will leave you amazed by the local culture instead of awarded with a free t-shirt, and if you’re ready to eat and recreate some of the best food in the world when you’re home then you’ve come to the right place.

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