Before our honeymoon to the Maldives next year, all of our diver friends encouraged us to get certified. We have loved diving ever since! Diving with ProDiver Maui was a wonderful experience. It was much better than the murky lakes and gulf water we have in Texas.

Eel at Molokini Crater

We dived with ProDiver Maui and had a phenomenal experience. When we return to Maui, we will be certain to dive with them again. It was a great opportunity to get to try out the new SeaWing Nova fins. I’m really glad to have upgraded to these recently, and will be using them for awhile.

ProDiver Maui Staff

One of the great things about ProDiver was the size of the crew. There were 3 dive-masters on board, and one in training. This was fantastic so the staff could be dispersed between different groups. We fell in the middle of the experience range. With the numerous divemasters there was enough guidance to keep smaller groups of similar skill level together.

All of the crew members were very approachable and kind. They took time to get to know everyone on board and established a good rapport with everyone.

ProDiver offers PADI’s “Discover Diving” course for people to try diving without going through the expense of getting certified. There was one couple on board participating in this course. Because there were so many crewmembers, they had a divemaster all to themselves which I could tell really helped ease their nerves.

The Dive

ProDiver dives the popular Molokini crater – but it is popular for a reason. Molokini has some of the best wall diving anywhere. The water is crystal clear, and from the moment you are in the water you are surrounded by schools of fish.

Molokini Crater from Above

The wall diving of Molokini is a drift dive – and generally considered a fairly advanced one. For this reason, many diving companies won’t dive there unless the entire group has relevant experience. ProDiver Maui sends a divemaster to check the water. She assesses it to decide if the skill level can handle it. If diving the wall is important to you, definitely dive with ProDiver.


The Good

Most everything I have to say about ProDiver is good! If you book online 2 weeks in advance you get a great discount, and their prices are already some of the best anywhere in Maui. ProDiver is also one of the only boats with an AED onboard. Although I hope none of our readers ever have to use it, ProDiver’s concern regarding safety is paramount in their operations.

The staff is amazingly friendly, and makes it a fun experience for everyone. You’ll get the type of service you should expect from a full-service dive squad.

Because of the large number of divemasters, you aren’t limited by the fastest breather on the dive. The lead divemaster carries a buoy that he deploys about 30 minutes into the dive. He will check on all of the divers’ air supplies routinely, and when you get low you get sent up to the buoy where you will shortly be picked up by the boat. Everyone gets to use their tank!


To Be Improved

The only complaint I had was that our second day of diving got cancelled. Both captains came down with a virus and weren’t able to operate the boats after our first day. Although this is understandable, it is unfortunate. But similarly, I am very glad that they put their health above making some money.



When we go back to Maui, we will definitely be diving with ProDiver Maui again! The small staff, the attention to safety, and willingness to get you the best dive possible really set them apart. We had a great time, and will recommend them to any of our friends! And their prices are some of the best on the island, so what’s not to love?!


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